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Why Use Lilac Creative for Your Digital Assets?

At Lilac Image Creative, we’re in a unique position in which the vast majority of our team are fine arts students/graduates. From musical theatre performers to professional stage managers, we’ve not only been on both sides of the table, but also genuinely understand the struggles of senior year and post-grad life as creatives.

Performing Essential 

Basic Branding

Exploration into You as an Artis

Web Wireframe

Website Building

Professional Copywriting

Custom Coding

Photosession of Your Choice

Graduation Ready

All Elements of Theatre 101

Hedshots with Jeremy Small Photography

Professional Videography of Recital, Self-tapes, or Dance Reels

Optimized Vocal Recording

Resume with Your New Branding

1  Collateral Pieces (business cards, stickers, custom thank you cards, branded social media templates, etc)


Add ons:

Additional Videography sessions

Upgraded Package with Jeremy Small Photography

Additional Collateral Pieces

Website Updates monthly or quarterly

Current Clients


I loved working with Audrey! She really gets a sense for your own unique artistic voice and finds creative ways to capture that online. Whatever you’re envisioning for your future, she will see it too!

Sarah Kuhlmann

Opera Singer

Site Launching Soon

The Artists Behind the Curtain


Audrey | CEO & Lead Designer

Background in Dance, Stage Management, Props Design

OCU Design & Production Graduate

MaKayla | Copywriter & Executive Asst.

Background in Musical Theatre, Copy Editing

OCU Musical Theatre Graduate

Kennedy | Design Assistant

Lighting & Graphic Design Background

OCU Design & Production Student

Ashley | Digital Assets

Dance & Web Development Background

UCO Dance Student

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